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Sick Of Dating The Same Losers? Find Love Online

By Merrill On November 20, 2009 Under Dating Tips, Featured Article

Are you sick and tired of dating the same losers?  Do you find yourself ending up with the same type of guy, date after date?  Well, have you ever considered trying online dating?


Women especially, have the tendency to attract the same type of guys.  We can mentally know this, and yet still we end up with them.  Women can even say to themselves, I am going to look for the exact opposite of what I have been looking for and finding, but still that same old loser rears his head a few dates later.  Well do not worry, because the best thing about online dating is that you will not end up with those guys ever again.


The reason is simple.  You have control. You are not worried that you will not get asked out for six months, because when you date online you have thousands of guys knocking on your computer screen.  You have the time to sit back and think about what their profile says, who they are, how they talk to you, and what they wish for the future.  Once ou move from online to a phone conversation, and perhaps one day a real date, then you can tell a lot about that person by the way they speak to you on the phone, and later, how they act in person.


When it comes to online dating, you have an advantage that you may not have when you meet someone in person, or when you are set up on a date.  You can sit back and think hard about why you ended up with the losers of the past, what they said to you to make you fall in love with them, and look at things that the people online are saying in comparison to what the people in real life have told you.  Try to figure out what you want in someone, and be honest in your profile.  Online you do not have to play games, or try to tell a guy what he wants to hear in order to date you.


Take online dating as an opportunity to fine tune your dating skills, and figure out what you are looking for in your next date.  Use the time that is given to you to decide why you always end up dating losers.  If after the first couple of conversations with a few guys, if you find that they are ending up like all the others, ditch them and move on.  You can then establish conversations with the people that are nothing like who you are used to dating.  Think outside the box.  Spark up a conversation with someone online that you never thought would be your type.


You see women in general have the tendency to find men that are losers.  We like bad guys, rebels, and men that do not want to commit.  However, the opposite is out there, and usually once women get a bit older they figure out how to find the special few that suit their needs.  With online dating you do not need ten years of experience to figure this out.  All you need to do is try to talk to as many people as you can, to get a basis, and ween out the losers.


So go ahead and give it a try.  I am sure you will be pleased with the results.  Just try these tips, and you will find that special someone.

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